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Keeping your perspective and your sense of humor!
The best thing to have, to keep, and to use when planning your wedding, is your sense of humor. An unlimited bank account helps too but that’s not something most of us can count on. No matter how small or informal a wedding you’re planning, it can start to feel like a runaway train careening without control through your life. When it starts to feel crazy, take a step back, breathe and reflect on what’s important: the two of you and your life together right here and now. And look for the humor when things get stressful. It will really help you keep your perspective! 


Planning a wedding in today’s economy

Kayleigh & Andrew's weddingHawk Photography
Kayleigh & Andrew (& Juno) at Mystic Aquarium

This is a financially challenging time for most of us. Rest assured that is possible to have a beautiful and meaningful wedding, from start to finish, without incurring unmanageable debt. Determining a reasonable budget is the first step in planning your wedding. While it may not sound as fun as choosing your wedding cake, deciding on and sticking to your budget will prevent you from getting caught up in a spending vortex that will create huge stress in your newly married lives. Too many couples realize they spent more money than they could afford on things that, upon reflection, really held no meaning for them. If you determine what your priorities are then you will know where to put your financial resources. 


Determining priorities
Before you begin making big decisions (and putting down deposits) sit down together and decide what your priorities are. Talk about what you want and what you do not want for your wedding.  

  • What is the highest priority for your wedding?
  • What is important for you to have/experience in your ceremony?
  • Do you want a personalized ceremony written about the two of you? 
  • What size of wedding? Small, large, medium?
  • Where? Inside or outside? If outside, do you have a contingency plan for rain?
  • With regard to the venue, what is important to the two of you? Would you like it to have some historical, personal, religious, or cultural significance?
  • What style of wedding interests you? Formal, informal, traditional, non-traditional?  Religious? Spiritual? Secular? Or perhaps a combination?
  • What is the feeling you would most like your wedding ceremony convey to your family and friends?
  • Who would you like to be part of your wedding?  Remember that there are other ways of including special people in your ceremony besides having them in the wedding party.  You could ask them to offer a poem or reading, a blessing or prayer, or to participate in a ritual. There are also opportunities at the reception or event following your wedding in which to involve special people in your life.
  • What do you absolutely NOT want for your ceremony?


Searching for a wedding officiant:

There are many kinds of officiants out there and not all can provide you with what you want. Make sure you ask questions and trust your instincts! Here is a list of questions that will help you get started. 

  • What kind of training to do they have in creating ceremony and rituals?
  • Do they offer a complimentary consultation?
  • Will they be available via email and phone for consultation during the process?
  • Will they be creating a personalized ceremony and allow as many changes/edits as you need or do they offer a few fill-in-the-blank ceremonies from which to choose?
  • Will you have final approval on your ceremony?
  • Will they run your rehearsal? Provide cue sheets and coordinate with all vendors?
  • Do you feel they are listening to you and are really focused on what you want?
  • Do you feel a sense of confidence and trust in them and from them?
  • Do you like them and sense it would be fun to work with them?
  • Do you like their speaking voice?  What kind of experience do they have in public speaking?
  • What exactly is included in the fee they quote?


This is your wedding and it should serve the two of you, reflect who you are, and celebrate the love you share and the commitment you enter into. Keep it real, keep it in perspective and enjoy the process!