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Hello and Welcome!


Anna & Seth's weddingDonna Cheung
Anna & Seth at the Wadsworth Mansion

Congratulations on your engagement… this is an exciting journey for the two of you. May you enjoy every step of the way.


Is it possible to have a wedding ceremony that isn’t long on the boring and short on the personal? The answer of course is, yes… absolutely! Ceremony made personal refreshes and renews us, as individuals and as a community. Even the most traditional ceremony can be re-imagined to resonate on a more personal level.


Just imagine for a moment…

a beautiful, meaningful and romantic ceremony that doesn’t put everyone to sleep, or have them sneaking a glance at their watches… a ceremony that is joyful, and celebrates the two of you, a ceremony that speaks to who you are and what you value, a ceremony your friends and family will actually enjoy, feel lifted by, remember and smile about, long after the wedding is over.


That is what a skilled celebrant can offer you and why I invite you to contact me to see if I might be the right celebrant for you.


Your story in ceremony
You can think of me as your ceremony designer and storyteller. With a background in the visual arts and theater, as well as event planning, I have a diverse and experienced skill set from which to draw. I consider the look of things, the sound of things, the timing and flow, and the emotional feel and arc of your ceremony.


Alana & Carly's weddingSara Snow Photography
Carly & Alana at Saltwater Farm Vineyard

I give voice to your story by listening to who you are and learning what brought you together and the hopes and dreams you share for the future. This is a collaborative experience. Through our conversations and interviews, I will weave these stories together with other elements you might find meaningful. Couples enjoy and appreciate being involved in the process and I leave it to you to let me know how involved you’d like to be.


Are there special pieces of music you’d like played at your wedding or perhaps a poem, or blessing, prayer, or reading? Rituals, simple or complex, are lovely symbols that speak to the unity of two individuals in marriage and provide a moment of visual and active metaphor that live in our memories.


If you have children, we can thoughtfully integrate them into your ceremony or honor family members who are no longer with us but who were important in your life. Perhaps you and your partner are from different faith or cultural backgrounds, together we can create purposeful rituals that honor both of your traditions.

If you are considering writing your own vows, I will offer you guidance to help get you started or supply examples of vows you might wish to change in whatever way serves you best.


Officiating Your Ceremony 
On the day of your wedding, I will arrive well before the ceremony, coordinate with all your vendors and provide cue sheets where necessary and touch base with your wedding party to make sure we are all on the same page. With years of experience in public speaking, I will deliver a warm, professional, and beautiful ceremony for you.

And here’s a suggestion that most couples (and their family and friends) appreciate: rather than stand between the two of you during the ceremony, I generally stand to the side (except when facilitating the vows) with the two of you facing your family and friends. This brings the focus on you, not me! It also allows your family and friends to feel part of the ceremony in a more intimate way. And…it provides great photo ops!


Renewal of Vows & Anniversary Celebrations
I would be honored to assist you with a renewal of vows ceremony or anniversary celebration. Honoring and marking the passage of time within a marriage reminds us of the reason and intention that brought two individuals together. Whether you write new vows that speak to this time in your life and relationship, or exchange the vows you took on your wedding day, a renewal of vows is a beautiful and very tangible way of saying “I do…still.” It speaks of the continuity of love, the fruition of hope, and the sharing of a common path traveled together.


Destination Weddings and Elopements in Connecticut

Connecticut is wedding friendly, making it easy for couples to get married. Unlike many states, (Massachusetts included) Connecticut has no waiting period once you get your license and no witnesses are required. For destination weddings or elopements, Connecticut is the perfect choice. It is entirely possible to come to Connecticut for a day and leave married! I’d be happy to help you navigate through the process…you’ll be surprised how easy it can be.  


What is the next step?
I’d love to speak with you. Contact me for a complimentary consultation. We will set up a time for the three of us to meet, either in person or on the phone:, 860-519-4127.