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wedding couple testimonial

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Dear Friend,
I cannot say enough good things about the services Mary provides as a Celebrant! In May 2010, I planned a surprise ceremony for my husband in Central Park in New York City. I contacted Mary with little more than a vision of a surprise gift of a ceremony celebrating my husband and our marriage. My vision was half renewal of our vows and half me telling him that after 9 years….I would say yes all over again. Because of the nature of my surprise gift to my husband, I knew that whoever accepted the role as our Celebrant would have to be a God-send! Mary was just this.

Within our first emails and initial phone conversation I was thrilled to find that Mary was just as visionary as I was. She embraced my vision as if it was her own and she attended to every detail—both large and small. We spent about nine months planning this surprise gift for my husband and Mary’s personable way of communicating and attention to detail made the planning a true joy. Being that we would be traveling out of state, Mary took care of everything---from writing our ceremony to sending maps of Central Park and the subway system!

Initially, one of my biggest concerns in planning this ceremony was finding a Celebrant who could capture the love and life my husband and I shared. I didn’t want our ceremony to be an impersonal carbon copy of all other ceremonies. I wanted to know our love and life together would be celebrated fully and in the most intimate way possible. Mary did this and more. As we communicated through email, Mary allowed me to tell our story to her—giving her a full picture of who we were as a couple.

Not stopping at my perspective only, Mary contacted our closest friends, on our behalf and with permission from me, and invited them to have a part in celebrating our love. She asked them to offer wishes, thoughts, memories, and encouragement to be added into our ceremony. This addition created a ceremony that was deeply personal and fully real. By the time the nine months had passed and my husband and I were standing in Central Park with Mary, I knew we were in the midst of a dear friend. Her engagement in the planning process, her visionary heart and her amazing ability to create a unique ceremony was vital in producing such an intimate moment. The surprise was breathtaking and by the end of the ceremony—no eye was dry! It was a perfect expression of my husband and I.

I will tell you this, as you search for a Celebrant to help you celebrate your life’s transitions you will not find one as real, passionate, kind, organized and thorough as Mary Coburn. Few people in life do what they love, fewer people love what they do and even less are passionate about what they do. Mary is passionate about her career—it is truly more than a career, it is a gift. This passion can be seen throughout the product of her work—amazing ceremonies that celebrate life in all stages.

Wishing you all the sweetness life can bring,

Leah Hacker
Anniversary and Renewal of Vows Ceremony
Central Park, New York City
May 2010


Since we got back I have heard nothing but good things about our wedding reception as well as the ceremony you had performed with us. Personally, I could not have asked for a better ceremony than the one you had put together for us. From the initial meeting to the ceremony you were professional, very well organized, and well atuned to our needs and desires. We can't thank you enough for everything, it was simply perfect! I think that it even garnered a couple of tears from the tough guys in the crowd!

Jessica and Christopher Stefanowicz
Hartford, Connecticut
April 2010


Hello Mary!
Well what can I say other than --THANK YOU!! The wedding was such a success and the ceremony was so special, I can't thank you enough for eveything you did to help with the planning. People keep asking me "where did you find the woman that married you, she was wonderful!" And everyone was so impressed at how personal the ceremony was to us and our relationship, people have been talking about it all week!

Now I think I may be a little biased, but I truly think that was the best wedding I've been to:-) I also want to thank you for the ring pouch idea, people were so impressed with that, and it made the ceremony all the more special and meaningful to us. I just can't say enough about the whole thing-- it was just wonderful.

Again, thank you so much for making our very special day such a smashing success!
With Love,

Melissa and Brian Saunders
Hartford, Connecticut
April 2010

Dear Mary,
I can’t begin to tell you how very much I appreciate your talent in what you do. You went above and beyond in giving my sweet Melissa the support she needed when she felt too stressed to breathe. Of course I was there for her as a mother would be, but when she looked beyond me for extra support, the first person she would feel she could lean on was you! There are not enough words to convey how very pleased my husband and I were with how personal, and touching you made her ceremony. At first I was shocked when she said there was to be no church service and then she showed me the rough draft of the ceremony you had planned and all my doubts disappeared. We were truly in awe (as were all our guests) at how beautifully you captured their love story. 

The fact that I am actually receiving thank you notes from my guests, thanking me for including them in one of the loveliest ceremonies they have ever had the pleasure of attending, is a wonderful testament of who you are and how much thought you put into your ceremonies. You really connected with them both and no one else could have done a better job!  And in closing I would also like to thank you for the ring idea as everyone is saying they had never seen such a moving, loving way to include everyone in the ceremony. I was so honored to be able to have that opportunity to make the ring bag from my wedding dress and I know it will be a new tradition in our family from this wedding on and I look forward to being able to see (God willing) Melissa & Brian’s children use it someday in their own weddings. And when they do we will lovingly think of you!

Again we thank you most sincerely and maybe our paths will cross at another wedding someday,

Till then….
Tony & Susan Piscitelli
Parents of the bride


Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. You truly made such a difference. You took the time to get to know us and make sure our ceremony was unique and special; there was nothing ordinary about it. You spent so much time making it unique and special and it was just perfect from our first meeting at Starbucks.  So many people out there need to experience what you have to offer on one of the most important days of their lives!!! Words cannot express our gratitude for all you’ve done. You are one in a million. Thank you!

Shannon Strom and Helen Barnard
April 2010
East Granby, Connecticut


wedding couple testimonial

Dear Mary,
Very few things in this life are perfect, but our wedding celebration truly was. We so appreciate your contribution to this event. It was great to get to meet you, and you helped us create an amazing ceremony that was fun and profound for all involved. Thank you!

Cynthia and Susan
“to infinity and beyond!”
Simsbury, Connecticut
March, 2010


Thank you so much for everything.  Our wedding was so beautiful.  You really made it such a special day for us.
Thank you again so much,

Mitzi and Jenny
West Hartford, Connecticut
March 2010


We cannot thank you enough for a wonderfully planned and executed wedding ceremony. Like most everything about our relationship, we believe it was meant to be and that you were somehow brought to us for this wedding ceremony. I knew it when I read your bio and as soon as I heard your voice, well, there was nothing else to discuss. Yolanda felt the same way. Anyway, I am sure we will keep in touch.
Thanks again.

Pat Maneggia and Yolanda Jenkins
Manchester, Connecticut
November 2009


wedding couple testimonial

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we were with our ceremony.  Everything was perfect, and we really appreciate the care you put into helping us along the way.

Amy Reitz and Christina Gentry
Wallingford, Connecticut
November 2009


We feel very blessed to have you officiate our ceremony.  Things don't just happen  by mistake.  I do believe that divine intervention led us to you.  Everything we were looking for just happened in a grander scheme than we could ever have imagined.  As I said before, you have a true gift of being able to capture what we felt in our hearts, and  put into words, how Lisa and I felt not only that day, but throughout our relationship.  Everyone who has read our ceremony is in agreement that it is the most touching ceremony they have ever heard.

Monica Speed and Lisa Whitehead
Coventry, Connecticut
November 2009


Dear Mary,

Things definitely happen for a reason, and we were so happy with what seemed like an unfortunate situation eventually led us to you! You were amazing and led such a beautiful ceremony. So many people have told us how much they appreciated your words, and we are so grateful you made our day that much more special. We will always remember and cherish the book you made for us and your meaningful presence in our lives.

Kelly and Todd (and Pants the cat!)

Kelly Antosz and Todd Bracher
Stonington, Connecticut
October 2009


wedding couple testimonial
Derek Batz

We would like you to know just how much we appreciate all you did for us leading up to our wedding, and on the day of. The ceremony you created for us was absolutely perfect, even more so "live" than it was on paper. It was such a wonderful, meaningful day for us. Our families talked about how beautiful they thought it was for weeks, which is a big deal, because nobody knew quite what to expect going in. My father said he wishes that all weddings were as beautiful and personal as ours was. =) More than that, we were so happy because we felt like we connected with you and you understood us from the beginning. We'd love to keep in touch, of course!! We consider you our friend and would love to maintain this connection =). Overall, the day was perfect and there is almost nothing we would change about it. We especially appreciate all the coordination you did prior to the ceremony to help everything run smoothly. Thank you SO much for everything.

Bethany and Andrew Bellingham
Vernon, Connecticut
October 2009


Nick and I would like to thank you for making our wedding ceremony so special.  From our very first meeting Nick and I knew you were the one we wanted to trust our ceremony to. We had talked with other people, but did not get the right vibe. We didn’t want to trust this task to just anyone.  You were so warm and kind. You made us feel comfortable and at ease, from the beginning, with this grand task.

Nick and I knew that we wanted our ceremony to express the way we felt for each in a simple yet unique manner. We also knew we wanted to be part of creating our vows, but weren’t sure where to begin. You guided us through each step of the creation of our ceremony and vows, providing us with guidance, encouragement and great ideas. Your way with words truly created a simply beautiful ceremony, that did in deed express our love for one another. 

Your help didn’t stop with creating a phenomenal ceremony. The rehearsal was great practice for us all and truly helped put our nerves at ease. Then for the wedding, which was the best of all. You’re such an amazing speaker and you delivered our ceremony with passion, poise and enthusiasm. It was beautiful!  You were truly able to express how Nick and I felt about each other in words. We had so many people tell us that the ceremony was absolutely perfect and really touch their hearts. Many admitted to tearing up even. You also provided us with a beautiful keepsake copy of our ceremony, which we placed in our anniversary box and will re-read each year to remember our promises to one another on that day.

We want to sincerely thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for making our ceremony so amazing.  As we said before we would love to work with you again in the future when we have children for a blessing ceremony. We know you would make this occasion truly unique and special. Thanks again Mary you helped make our day so special.

Cary & Nick Barry
Brooklyn, Connecticut
October, 2009


wedding couple testimonial
Ayumi Tamaki

We engaged Mary Coburn early June 2009 to be our marriage celebrant for our wedding on October 2nd 2009 in Central Park New York. Our experience with Mary and the support from her was first class. She went beyond the call of duty and vastly exceeded our xpectations. We worked closely with Mary over a four month period and she guided us through the USA process for legal marriage certificates (accepted by Australian authorities as well) and relevant documentation required by the various USA authorities. Her advice on the wedding ceremony and script was fantastic and she refined our thoughts to a significantly better outcome. She also recommended a photographer who proved to be excellent and very creative.

Additionally she provided information on possible venues in Central Park where she personally inspected the preferred options. She also recommended a short list of wedding venues. Our experience with her was extraordinary and being residents of Australia the distance barriers were no problem. She always responded promptly to our emails and we could not wish for any better experience and service. We will always remember our wedding day as one of great joy, love and connectedness. We highly recommend Mary as a fun loving, highly experienced and wonderful
marriage celebrant.
Gavin & Judy Norris

Melbourne, Australia

Judy Montegano and Gavin Norris
Central Park, New York City
October 2009


It was such a pleasure working with you, Mary, helping us make such a special occasion even better! We’ve received so many comments about the ceremony and how original in design and execution you made it. Your approach towards actually learning a lot about us and working lots and lots of great ideas with us to formulate the most personal celebration imaginable was perfect.  Everyone enjoyed a few things they never knew about us, which made everyone feel a little bit closer to us by taking part. Many guests made time to comment on how your ceremony was the best they’ve experienced, regardless of the venue. Many of them were very old too…J 

Amy Ruff and Andy Ouimette
East Haddam, Connecticut
September 2009


Our ceremony was beautiful. It was more than we could have ever imagined.
Thank you again for the beautiful ceremony you put together for us. We will remember this day forever. Anne

Anne Klinkenberg and Amanda Redwine
Manchester, Connecticut
August, 2009


Dear Mary,
Thank you very much for being our officiant on our wedding day. You did such a great job with everything. You kept in touch with us through emails and phone calls during the entire time, you prepared and wrote a wonderful ceremony based on our conversations and the presentation of the ceremony itself on our wedding day was just awesome. We loved every single word you said and received a lot of feedback from our guests how lovely the ceremony was and that it was one of the best they have ever been to. I am very glad we picked you from all the choices out there. We liked your open and charming personality and all the advice you gave us along the way. You definitely made our wedding day an unforgettable one.
Thanks again.

Susanne and Mike Scharfenberger
East Haddam, Connecticut
August 2009


wedding couple testimonial

Thanks again for helping make the best day of our lives perfect.

Angi O’Quinn and Brooke Oldham
Mystic, Connecticut
August 2009


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